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Beam and Plate Processing
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Beam & Plate Processing

"Our Commitment is to Quality"

RTW's production of steel plates and components is designed to meet the modern requirements of the mining, industrial and commercial sectors.
Ficep machines have been installed in RTW's purpose built processing facility to accommodate ease of handling, storage, loading and processing for high volumes of steel.
More than 1300m2 of workshop floor space enables RTW to manage large scale projects. Two all-directional overhead gantries extend into a truck loading/unloading bay providing direct entry into the workshop for easy of handling.
Ficep CNC Beam Line Drilling and Sawing Line
  • Capacity to process beam 1m wide x 20m long.
  • Processes channels, UBs, UCs, angles, square and rectangle tube.
  • Three side drill positioning using high speed carbide drills with a selection of five drill sizes per program.
  • Hydraulic double jaw vice assembly.
  • Identification stamping on each beam for tracking.
  • Scribes cleat and plate positions on all four sides.
  • Band saw with a cut square or mitred.
  • Unloading magnet device with unload conveyor.
Ficep CNC Punching, Drilling & Thermal Plate Processing Machine
  • Processing of plates up to 35mm thick, cuts square and shaped outlines.
  • High speed carbide drilling and punching on cross axis with selection of five sizes per program.
  • Swarf cleaning brush device.
  • Stamping and scribing for identification and fabrication fit up.
  • Carbon and non-carbon steels.
  • Hole tapping.
  • Automatic Outfeed Conveyor.